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THE Bazaar Eclectic offers goods to enhance your surroundings and your life, as well as gifts for your special people (and pets).

* Bazaar: a fair, an Oriental market consisting of a street lined with shops and stalls, a place for the sale of goods.

* Eclectic: choosing or consisting of what appears to be the best from diverse sources, composed of elements drawn from various sources

[Bazaar Eclectic Sample] Many of the items are my own creations, designed and hand-crafted in my southern Michigan studio. Others have been gathered from the markets of the world.

[Bazaar Eclectic Sample Card] Our extensive line of paper goods includes blank note greeting cards with original photo or vintage images suitable for all occasions and holidays. Notepads and magnetic pad/pen sets feature vintage and pet images. My handmade ribbon roses will enhance your gift packages.

[Bazaar Eclectic Sample Jewelry] In my jewelry designs, I incorporate a wide variety of materials, from plain to precious, fashioned into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, boxed sets, and keychains, as well as holiday designs. Freshwater pearls and semiprecious gemstone beads are featured in many designs.

[Bazaar Eclectic Sample Incense] We carry incense products that include high quality frankincense and myrrh tears, and Surya all-natural hand-rolled incense sticks. Surya produces premium incense using traditional Indian blends of Ayurvedic herbs & aromatic botanical extracts to produce the finest Darbari & Masala all natural incense sticks, using no chemical substitutes, animal products, or animal testing, and packed in 100% recycled handmade cotton paper. We also carry incense burners and ash catchers.

[Bazaar Eclectic Sample Pet Product] Pets are not forgotten: My handmade kitty toy designs are stuffed with premium catnip. You will also find dried catnip for sale. Puppy and bird items will be coming soon. And don't forget to check out our pet-related jewelry items.

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